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Double Your Action in Entertainment

Live Music Performances for Your Special Events

Get a live band to make your events more exciting and fun! Hire our amazing talented artists here at Double O Action Ent. to spice up your occasions. We offer live entertainment for parties, weddings, and more!

Book us now! We serve clients in Montgomery, Alabama and other areas in the United States.

Mission Statement

The directors and staff of Double O Action Ent. are committed to providing the highest quality of service that is consistent with the agency's standards of excellence. We vow to create an environment that is conducive to providing high-quality music production, studio recording, CD and DVD duplication, live entertainment, music composing, and event booking.



Groove the night away and listen to mesmerizing songs performed by our very own live band, H2O! Check out their new singles here:



Ronald “Hooch” McMillian and Edward “Deak” Ross are the original members of the three-man band, H2O. Founded in 2003 by Hooch, the group released their first CD last year.

Hooch, a multi-talented percussionist, leads the band in vocals and original songwriting. His range includes Broadway, Soft Rock, Country, African Rhythms, and Classic R&B. Meanwhile, Deak, who is trained as a Gospel bassist, credits Sly and the Family Stone, Larry Graham, and the Syndicate as his biggest influences.

Along with Hooch and Deak was the original third member and keyboardist, Aben Muhammad who, unfortunately, relocated to his home state of New York recently. However, the fire and the memories live on in H2O with their newest addition, Henry Campbell who can play various instruments. Henry is a band teacher at the Lowndes County Schools in Hope Hull, Alabama, where he hails from.

The Biography of Ronald “Hooch” L. McMillian

A Rising Star in the Music Scene

Ronald L. McMillian could very well be music’s best-kept secret. His music shines as a welcome reminder of how much fun music should be. Through pure persistence and raw talent, Ronald has written more than 200 songs, and has earned a reputation among the hottest rising young artists.

By blending a little bit of aggressive, non-traditional R&B with the accessibility of commercial pop, Ronald’s songs capitalize on a wealth of diverse musical influences. The music itself is a smooth combination of intelligent songwriting and deep digging vocal tones. The result is a wide-open musical instinct and a talent that speaks for itself.

Ronald grew up in a musical family and started playing drums at an early age. As a child, he remembers listening to his idols, Michael Jackson, Prince, Ronnie Lovejoy, and a host of other talented artists. His raw talent and skills in playing drums and singing flourished at the tender age of seven.

When he arrived in Montgomery from his hometown of Tuskegee, Alabama, he began performing at local churches. He later became a backup drummer for Little Milton, Gwen McCray, Lee Fields, and the list goes on. Ronald has been establishing his own music style ever since.

On stage, he has pure energy, singing with a smile in his voice. As his voice make its mark for its soulful southern flair, Ronald was fortunate enough to start his own production company, Double O Action Ent., where he produces local artists.

Ronald currently lives in Montgomery, Alabama, performing locally, writing great songs, and looking for a publishing and recording opportunity. If you enjoy great music and songs from the heart, you will enjoy the smooth and captivating sound of Ronald McMillian.

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